17 Fascinating Facts About Our Favorite Fall Flower, Mums

There aren’t many flowers associated with the fall season. That’s why mums have a special place in our heart. Whenever we feel a little sad that the wild bloom of summer flowers is behind us, we just look to mums to put a smile back on our face. So, jump right in and learn everything you need to know about these special autumn flowers… 1. Their formal name is Chrysanthemums – so “mums” is really just a cute nickname. 2. Chrysanthemums originated in China as far back as the 15th century BC. 3. When they were brought to Japan in 400 AD, they were so beloved that Japanese emperors sat on thrones made from Chrysanthemums. 4. This flower is just one of many flowers that has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for many years. It’s often made into a tea that is used as a relaxant and a treatment for congestion and lung health. 5. If you’re into Feng Shui to harmonize your home, then you’ll certainly want to add mums, which are thought to bring laughter and happiness to the home. 6. Mums come in beautiful fall-appropriate colors like orange, yellow, rust, bronze, burgundy and creamy white. 7. They also come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes – mums can look like daisies, buttons, pompons or sprays. 8. It’s best to purchase mums with closed buds to enjoy the flowers for a longer period. 9. You should repot it into a larger pot when you get home to make room for more soil. 10. Pinch of dead blooms every so often to keep the plant healthy. 11. There are two main types of mums – florist mums and garden mums. 12. Florist mums are usually grown in greenhouses and meant to be kept indoors. These are usually thrown into the compost pile when they die. 13. Garden mums are tough plants that can withstand the cold and can thrive as perennials in some regions. 14. Garden mums thrive best with lots of sunlight, so be sure to place them where they’ll get as much light as possible throughout those beautiful Indian summer days. 15. Lots of sun means lots of water, so be sure to soak at least every other day. 16. If you want them to look good as long as possible, opt for mums in darker shades. These don’t fade as fast as the lighter colors. 17. For perfect seasonal décor, plant your mums in a pumpkin-shaped planter or even in a hallowed out pumpkin… but just make sure you call it a “Mumkin.” If these fascinating facts haven’t convinced you that Chrysanthemums are an amazing flower worthy of a place in your home, then you’d better come in to Packard Farm. We grow our own beautiful mums here on site in a wide variety of colors that will be a perfect complement to your fall décor. They will be available here for the next few months, so stop in to pick up fresh ones for Halloween, Thanksgiving or just a lovely gift for a friend or neighbor.

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