8 Christmas Decorating Hacks That Make Life Easier

We all love a festively decorated home that’s just bursting with holiday cheer. But for many of us, that love does not extend to the actual process of turning one’s home into a Christmas wonderland. This year though, why not work smarter and not harder? We strongly believe that adding Christmas spirit to your home does not need to eat up your entire weekend. Here are a few helpful shortcuts that can help you save time and frustration this holiday season…

1. Wreath Easy

The first thing that any festively decorated home needs is a beautiful, lush evergreen wreath on the front door. But the idea of hammering a big old nail into our door doesn’t make us too happy. Instead, rely on a trusty Command hook:

Hang the hook upside down near the top of the door on the inside.

Take a piece of ribbon and string it through the center of the wreath.

Tie the ends of the ribbon together and pull it over the top of the door onto the hook.

2. DIY Outdoor Trees

Outdoor décor is a nice way to let your neighbors know that you’re not playing around when it comes to celebrating the holidays right. But those outside decorations can get pricey fast. One affordable, DIY trick is to create your own mini Christmas trees using tomato cages and either real or faux garland. Simply use a zip tie to gather the top of the cage to a point and then wrap the garland around the cage before adding lights or décor of your choice.

3. Fancy Up Lights

The standard green cords on most Christmas lights are perfect for your tree or garland because they blend in. But when you’re using lights elsewhere, they can stick out in a not-so-cute way. Fix that by spray painting the cord whatever color you like, but we think white and gold look beautiful.

4. No More Tangled Ribbon

If you like to decorate or wrap presents with ribbon, chances are you’ve had a tangled ribbon tantrum before. Avoid the stress by multi-purposing a paper towel holder. All you need to do is drop each ribbon roll on the paper towel pole and you’re ready to easily pull and measure ribbon without danger of tangling.

5. Tall Tree Time

You probably won’t be surprised to learn that we love big Christmas trees. But if you don’t want to bring home a giant and just want to add a little height, then gather a few paint cans together, put your tree on top and use the skirt to cover your trick.

6. Glue to the Rescue

We know that hanging lights on the exterior of a home can be a major pain in the neck. If you have a brick home though, you’re in luck. No one has to know, but you can use a hot glue gun to attach the lights to your home without worrying about damage. But don’t try this trick if your home is painted as it could damage the paint.

7. DIY Wrapping Paper

Wrapping paper is another thing that can get expensive quick if you’re purchasing high quality paper. Instead, buy a bunch of cheap craft paper and use stamps or washi tape to add decorative touches. The nice thing about this is that you can use it for any occasion, so no need to have a closet full of paper for every celebration.

8. Secret Helper

Don’t forget that your final secret weapon this holiday season is us! Packard Farm is your one stop holiday spirit shop. Sure, we have tons of gorgeous Christmas trees, but that’s just the start – we also have beautiful décor items, gifts and tools that can help you execute your festive vision with ease.

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