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Decorating with Pumpkins: 9 Unique Ideas Besides Jack-O-Lanterns

The jack-o-lantern looms large on the fall decorating scene. After all, a pumpkin that’s carved into a scary face, lit from within is the very symbol of Halloween.

As serious pumpkin aficionados, we consider it our sacred duty to let people know that there are a whole lot of other wonderful ways to decorate with this fall staple. If you’re only seeking out the perfectly round, large, orange varieties for carving up, you’re missing out.

This year, we challenge you to think outside the jack-o-lantern and bring fall flavor to your home with these other clever pumpkin decorating tips.

1. Table Place Cards

Hosting a dinner party or holiday gathering any time soon? If you’d like to add an elegant, seasonal touch to your table, consider using mini pumpkins as place cards. You can either write each guest’s name directly on the pumpkin in permanent marker or paint or use a ribbon to tie a piece of paper to the stem. Guests can even take their little pumpkin home if they’d like.

2. Flower Container

Nothing makes us smile like fresh flowers in the home…. Except maybe fresh flowers in a gorgeous pumpkin. Create your own pumpkin vase by cutting off the stem of a medium or large pumpkin and scooping out the insides. Next, find a vase that fits inside the pumpkin, fill it with water and flowers and insert into the pumpkin. Voila!

3. Party Greetings

Throwing a Halloween bash? Get the party started as soon as guests walk up to your door by writing funny or spooky messages on pumpkins that you set near your front door. You can spell out short messages by writing one letter each on small pumpkins or write longer phrases on large pumpkins. You may also want to help guests find your house by writing your address in large numbers on a pumpkin that sits on your porch.

4. Painted Décor

Carving isn’t the only way to give a pumpkin artistic flare. Consider painting faces, scenes, patterns or bold, solid colors onto pumpkins of all shapes and sizes. Or use matte paint in chic, understated colors for a more sophisticated look.

5. Decorative Containers

Got any pretty containers lying around? We’d bet you do. Just fill them up with pumpkins for instant, easy décor. Containers like glass domes, large bowls, buckets, baskets or bins are perfect. Then stash your pumpkin-filled vessels any place in your home that needs a splash of seasonal décor.

6. Dining Table Display

It’s easy to make a centerpiece or display on your dining table by artfully arranging pumpkins of varying shapes, sizes and colors. Add a cute table runner, some fake leaves and candles, and you’re all set.

7. Candle Holders

To create real pumpkin candle holders, simply cut off the stem and carve a small opening that’s the exact size of the candle you intend to use. This will work on any size pumpkin you choose.

8. Ice Bucket

You’ll have everyone at your next gathering admiring your creativity if your wine, champagne or other cold beverages are resting in a homemade pumpkin ice bucket. It’s as simple as scooping out the pumpkin’s insides, adding ice and bottles.

9. Line Walkway or Stairs

Pumpkins are so lovely that you can seriously just place them, as is, along the walkway to your front door or on steps to give your home a festive flair. It doesn’t get easier than this.

Pumpkins are one of the most versatile, natural decorations out there. So, don’t miss out on your opportunity to embrace fall beauty with some creative pumpkin decorating of your own.

If you need a little help in that department though, give us a call. Packard Farm has introduced a new service this year that’s right up your alley. We’ll decorate any area of your home in the style and holiday of your choosing. You’ll get to enjoy the festive fun without any of the work – total win-win.

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