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Gardening with Kids: How to Get Your Little Ones in the Garden

If you’re a gardening lover, then it’s a no brainer to get your kiddos in on the fun from an early age.

It’s important to look at gardening as far more than just a chore they can help you with. It gives you an opportunity to teach them about biology, nutrition and investing in a long-term project. And who knows? You may even spark a lifelong love in a young gardener-to-be.

Read on for our tips on getting your little ones interested and engaged in gardening.

Get the Gear

You may spark their interest best if you start with gifting your child their own gardening kit – a fun apron, sun hat, gloves and a few small gardening tools that are just for them. If your kids like writing or drawing, then add a notebook and markers to take notes or draw what they see.

Their Own Patch

While you can certainly start with having your kids help you with a garden that already exists, it can also be fun to give them their own little patch to manage. Let them choose what they want to plant and be the main one responsible for care. Patience is required, of course, but imagine their delight when they see their handiwork come to fruition.

Just be sure to keep the patch relatively small (3 x 3 is ideal) and choose plants that are fairly low maintenance. If it’s too hard, then they won’t reap the rewards from their work. The goal is for them to experience success and positive feelings from their first gardening experience.

Practice with Purpose

Instead of just directing your little ones what to do when gardening together, use this as a learning opportunity. Is it time to fertilize the soil? Talk about why and how it benefits the plants. At each step of the process, explain the purpose and you’ll find that they’ll be more likely to get invested and take ownership.

Follow Their Taste Buds

According to most kids, food comes from the grocery store, end of story. So, one fun way to get them excited about gardening with you is to start an edible garden together.

Flowers are pretty to look at, but nothing beats eating something that you grew yourself, especially if it’s an ingredient in a favorite dish. If you have a little pizza lover in your house, get them involved in growing tomatoes that will be used to make homemade pizza sauce.

Share & Show Off

Once your kiddo’s hard work pays off, ask if there’s anyone they’d like to share the flowers or food with. They may want to bring them in as a gift for a teacher or as a show-and-tell item. Being able to brag about their handiwork and receive praise from others will go a long way in solidifying their love of gardening for a long time to come.

There are so many great reasons to garden with your kids. It’s a fun, physically active hobby that gets them outside and away from screens. It teaches and reinforces valuable math, science, and environmental skills. And it can positively impact their self esteem and accountability.

Convinced? Start your child’s gardening journey here at Packard Farm. We love sharing our love of gardening with kids, so we’d be happy to help you get started on the right foot.

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