The Only Christmas Tree Care Guide You’ll Ever Need

Decorating our Christmas tree is one of our family’s favorite parts of the whole season. Each ornament that comes out of the box has its own special memories and warm, fuzzy feelings. But what about actually caring for the giant, live plant you just brought home? That part often gets overlooked. And while it may not be quite as heart-warming, it’s just as important as the decorating. Keep reading for helpful tips that will ensure your tree looks just as beautiful on Christmas morning as it does when you bring it home.

1. Finding “The One”

Having a beautiful tree that lasts all season long starts at the very beginning. If you choose a tree that’s already in bad condition, it will be hard to keep it looking lovely. Our first piece of advice is to buy your tree at Packard Farm. We’re pretty choosy when it comes to the trees we offer and we would never even show you a sub-par tree, let alone sell you one. That said, here are a few pointers on what to look for:

Choose the right sort of tree for your priorities – longevity, ornament support, color, smell and appearance are all important factors that differ by tree type.

Gently pull a branch towards you and make sure that needles aren’t falling off in droves.

Pick the tree up and if it feels light compared to other trees of the same type and size, it’s probably already lost a good number of needles.

2. Fresh Cut

If you intend to take your tree home and put it in water immediately, Packard Farm will always do a fresh cut to the trunk. This will ensure that the water can better penetrate the tree and keep it healthy and beautiful longer.

3. Feet First

When you get home and it’s time to carry your new tree over the threshold, be sure to carry it in trunk first. This will help you avoid stretching and snapping branches off as you go.

4. The Sweet Spot

Take the time to choose a good spot for your tree. While it’s important that it’s in a nice place where your family gathers, you want to be sure that it’s not close to a fireplace, radiator or other heat source that will cause the tree to dry out prematurely.

5. Add Water & Only Water

Good ol’ tap water is all you need to keep your tree healthy and hydrated all season long. If you make sure that it never goes thirsty, you’ll be just fine.

6. Check Often

Once the tree is decorated and holiday season chaos ramps up, trees often get ignored. But we suggest making a habit of checking the water level daily to ensure that the trunk is completely submerged. If you allow the trunk to dry out completely, it’s only a matter of time before it looks like Charlie Brown’s tree.

7. Reuse & Recycle

When Christmas is over, you don’t have to immediately chuck your beautiful tree out with the trash. In fact, we love the idea of doing a few decorating tweaks to turn your Christmas tree into a New Year’s tree. Alternatively, you can prop up the tree in your yard and string it with various types of bird food. We also like to trim off the branches and saw the trunk into smaller pieces for a fragrant fire. These are just a few pieces of advice that we share most often this time of year. For more Christmas tree expertise, give us a call or come in. We’re pretty obsessed with Christmas trees, so we’re always happy to answer your questions and take the time to help you find the right tree for your family.

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