The Simple Guide to Getting Your Yard Spring Ready

After another long New England winter, it’s finally time to welcome spring back into our lives – birds singing, flowers blooming, and actual warm sunshine on our faces. What a thought!In case you can’t tell, we’re pretty excited. For those who love gardening or just maintaining a beautiful yard, spring isn’t just about kicking back in the sun though. The arrival of the season also involves a little bit of good ol’ fashioned elbow grease. So, here are our tips for getting your yard in tip top shape for a beautiful spring and summer.

1. Clean Up Time

First thing’s first – clean up the yard to get rid of last season’s garden debris, leaves and twigs that are strewn around after the winter. The reason to do this first is that you don’t want that stuff getting stuck in your lawn mower or preventing fertilizers from absorbing into the ground. Of course, you can use basic tools like rakes and heavy-duty brooms, but a blower will always be most efficient and effective.

2. Check Your Equipment

Use this time to inspect all your gardening tools, equipment and lawnmower. Using damaged or broken tools can be dangerous, so it’s best to replace anything that looks faulty.

3. Mow Town

During the early weeks of spring, you should mow your lawn often – about every five days if you can. Frequent mowing during their period will help your lawn to grow in thicker and fuller later. Think of it like trimming your hair to encourage growth.

4. Lay the Groundwork

Once you’ve cleared out the old, it’s time to get ready for the new by spreading your composts, fertilizers and mulches. Edge out the garden beds and use nutrient-rich materials to provide maximum nourishment to growing plants. This is also a good time to aerate your lawn, which is just a fancy way of saying poking holes in it to allow nutrients, air and water to penetrate the roots. It can be a very tedious chore though, so don’t hesitate to reach out for help to our sister company, G. Norwood Landscape Management. They have special machines that can aerate your whole lawn quickly and evenly.

5. Pick Your Plants

Now is not the time to plant seeds – you’ll want to do that in the fall instead. But spring is perfect for planting live plants in your garden. Before choosing what and how to plant though, take the time to observe the conditions and layout of your yard so that you can pick plants that will thrive best and look beautiful doing it.

6. Ask the Pros

When in doubt about how what your yard needs, how to plant and what to plant, just ask your local gardening and landscaping experts. The teams at Packard Farm and G. Norwood Landscape Management are legitimately obsessed with all this stuff, so we’ll be happy to lend a hand or just some words of wisdom to help you get on the right path. Don’t forget we are all Proven Winner Certified and we grow their plants as well. Stop in for new tools, top of the line fertilizers, soils and beautiful, homegrown plants.

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